About Nombri

The App Nombri is a powerful Tally counter.
The App supports iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch.

You can use the App whenever you need to count something. Use it for sports activities, for your private and professional life, for everything you want to count.

  • Count your running laps
  • Count your sit-ups
  • Count the cups of coffee you drink
  • Count the number of days left until your birthday
  • Count the number of days since you quit smoking
  • Count the visitors of an exhibition
  • Count the passengers entering or leaving the bus at a bus stop, if you need to decide wether to change the schedule
  • Count what ever you like‚Ķ

The App supports different types of counters:

  • Tally Counters, which you can use to manually count anything you want
  • Event Counters, which count the days since or up to a certain date
  • Timers, which are counting hours, minutes and seconds down to 0

There's no limit in the number of counters you can create. Each counter is configurable:

  • Set the initial value
  • Set the increment/decrement for the +/- buttons
  • Switch on/off sound effects, Speech output, Vibration feedback
  • Give each counter a color.
  • Show the counter value within the App badge.
  • Enable the timestamps and history to analyze the progress over time graphically

Other features:

  • A special mode lets you control multiple counters at once.
  • Control a counter from within the notification center
  • All counters are accessible from the Apple Watch as well.