About Numeral

Numeral is an application to convert numbers from one numeral system into another. You can convert numbers of bases between 2 and 36 to numbers of any other base between 2 and 36. You can also convert numbers to a couple country-specific or historical numeral systems like Roman, Japanese, Greek etc. The App runs on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Numeral does also support floating point numbers when converting numbers in all the bases from 2 to 36. So in case you want to know how PI looks like in the binary numeral system, Numeral will show you the result.

  • Conversions from a number with bases betweel 2 to 36 to any other base between 2 and 36 supported.
  • Floating point numbers are supported for all conversions with the bases between 2 and 36.
  • Several historical and country-specific numeral systems are also available (like Roman, Greek, Japanese etc.).