About Direkto

Direkto is a Compass App. It can not only show where the north pole is, but also show the direction and distance to any other place.
The App runs on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The App shows a big compass which not only points to north, but also to any other place you've stored within the App. You can also show these places in a list where the App uses a big arrow for each place to show the direction and the distance to it. Places can be saved through a map and also displayed on a map.

The App also allows to record routes (routes or your hikes, travels etc), which are shown as path on a map within the compass. This allows to follow these routes later again and also makes it easy to find your way back.

The App supports "Live Activities" (iOS 16.1 and newer) and is able to show the compass including the directions to all saved places within the Dynamic Island (iPhone 14 Pro) and on the Lockscreen. So all information is accessible even while using other App.

Places and routes can be exported and imported (via GPX and KML files) which allows to work with data from other Apps and use Direktos data in other Apps.

The App also supports Voice-Over on the iPhone to help blind and visually impaired people.

The App respects your privacy. There's no tracking, no ads, no hidden costs, no subscription. It's just doing what you expect: showing the direction to north and other places, help to find your way.