About Wigemo

Wigemo is a Maps app with connection to Wikipedia.
The App runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch.

Save and manage your favorite places and locations, save the places you want to visit, plan your next vacation, manage your geo caches you've found. Find sights and much more.

Thanks to the connection to Wikipedia, you can easily read the Wikipedia article for the places.

Import places from GPX, KML or CSV files, from photos, web sites, from Booking (App and Web), Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp...

Supported Maps

  • Apple Maps (Standard, Satellite, Hybrid),
  • OpenTopoMap (Topographical map)
  • Mapbox Maps via additional subscription (Streets, Outdoors, Light, Dark, Satellite, Satellite+Street)
  • Any number of additional raster maps via tile server configuration (with an additional one-time purchase)


  • POI search via Apple Maps
  • Search via Wikipedia
  • Search for search terms
  • Search for coordinates
  • Search for places nearby certain reference locations

Details for places

  • Display Web page or Wikipedia article of the place
  • Phone number (incl. option to call the number)
  • Address
  • Visited status
  • Category
  • Color (used for the pins on the map)
  • photo

Manage Places

  • Places can be saved in lists
  • Move places from one list to another
  • Show or hide lists and their places on the Map (so you can concentrate on those places only you are currently interested in)
  • Places can be show/hidden based on their "visited status
  • There are multiple styles available for the pins on the Map (a simple disc, icon of the category, photo, different sizes)

Import Places

  • You can import geo locations from other Apps via "share" feature, via AirDrop, from cloud service, from the photo album, the address book
  • Supports photos (with GPS coordinates), Web addresses, GPX, KML, and CSV files, geo coordinates
  • Recognized are many web sites with geo tags, embedded google maps, the booking web site, Wikipedia, Yelp etc.
  • Apps which can share suitable data are for example the Booking App, Apple-Maps, Web-Browser

Export Places

  • Places can be exported as GPX, KML, or CSV file (individually, whole lists or even all lists at once)
  • You can share the data with other Apps ur export them to cloud services
  • iCloud Sync can be used to synchronize the places between multiple iOS devices
  • You can also sync the places between iPhone and APple Watch

Other Features

  • The App can send a notification if the user approaches saved places
  • A crosshair with geo coordinates can be shown on the Map
  • A scale allows to estamate distances on the map

Apple Watch

  • The App on the Apple Watch supports the search via Wikipedia
  • Places can be organized in lists
  • Places can be shown/hidden on the map (based on lists, and visited status)
  • Places can be saved on the watch
  • The Watch App can run independently from the iPhone App.