Version 1.8 (January 26th, 2023)

  • "Map Overlays" do now support the MapBox maps as well. Which means this feature can be now used with all maps styles and map types without any restrictions.
  • Under iOS 16 and later it is now also possible to customize the colors/contrast of the Standard Apple Maps to make it more vivid easier to read. Other Map properties, like pitch, traffic etc. can be configured individually for each of the Apple Map styles.
  • The App can now also calculate routes/directions between two random locations, in the past the start locations was always the current location of the user.
  • Bugfix: When sharing a contact to the App the Sharesheet of Wigemo did not show the actual coordinates of the address in the preview (though saving the address did work correctly, including the coordinates)
  • Bugfix: The compass in the dynamic island was slightly too big since iOS 16.2, so the top and bottom border was cut off.

Version 1.7 (October 20th, 2022)

  • Since iOS 16.1 the App supports "Live Activities" on the iPhone. The compass which shows the direction and distance to a place or location will be now moved to the dynamic island (iPhone 14 Pro) and the lock screen (all iPhones) when leaving the App while the compass is open. If you don't need this live activities feature, you can also switch it off in the settings of the App.
  • There are a few new option in the settings to remove items you don't need from the menu for the locations
  • Bugfix: When syncing routes via iCloud it could happen that these were not immediately updated on the map.

Version 1.6 (September 30th, 2022)

  • Improved support for "Look Around" (since iOS 16).
  • it is now possible to activate "Look Around" using the "locate" icon (top right) for the current location
  • "Look Around" can be activated for routes (start and destination) as well.
  • The preview window for the "Look Around" feature will now stay open unless closed via its close button.
  • Tapping the preview window will open "Look Around" in fullscreen.
  • The preview window of "Look Around" can be moved to any of the corners of the screen using swipe gestures.
  • Selecting any pin (location, waypoint of a route, etc), and opeing a location or place from the list of saved places or from search results will automatically update the preview window and shows the selected location there.
  • It is possible to switch off the "Look Around" feature completely in the settings, for example if this feature is not available in your area. This will also remove all "Look around"-related menu items from all menus, to keep them smaller.
  • When iCloud sync is enabled the App will now also sync all the configured tile servers.

Version 1.5 (September 24th, 2022)

  • Since iOS 16 you can also use the "Look around" feature directly within the App. Activate this feature from within the menu of a location or place.
  • A new option for the Apple map styles allows to change the angle (pitch) you look on the map. This will also enable the "Flyover" views (satellite, hybrid maps styles) and 3D buildings (standard map styles).
  • The App also supports the "muted" standard Apple map style. This map style uses less saturated colors and less contrast, so that all the additional information (pins) stands out more.
  • The App is now able to create and store routes (paths from A to B). You can create routes completely manually, but also import these from GPX or KML files (which include routes or tracks), or use the directions feature which shows a route from the current location to a saved location of place.
  • The App icon on the homepage has a new menu (when long-pressed) which allows to lanuch the App and directly activate certain features.
  • The notifications feature which notifies you when you approach certain locations is now able to filter by visited state.
  • The App is now using a separate menu for map overlays (if available), so these can be enabled/disabled much easier.
  • The "location" symbol at the top right corner can be now double-clicked, which will directly center the map to the current location. A normal tap will still open the menu with all the available options.
  • The search can be optional restricted to the visible map region now.
  • Abbreviated PlusCodes which include the name of a town or region are now supported as well for the search feature.
  • While importing locations and places from files, images and contacts it is now possible to directly create new lists and also change the default lists form future imports. It's no longer necessary to do this in the location list window or in the settings.
  • Improved performance when using the Apple map styles and any of the additional configured raster maps when a huge number of pins with photos are shown on the map at the same time.
  • Bugfix: Fixes an issue when changing the max/min zoom for raster map servers, which

Version 1.4 (June 5th, 2022)

  • In the detail view of a place (e.g. when editing or saving a place) when selecting the list in which the location should be stored, it is now possible to directly create, edit or delete the lists here as well.
  • In the detail view of a place when selecting a category, it's now possible to create your own custom categories as well (requires iOS 14 or newer).
  • The "Tile Server" option does now also support "overlays". There are tile servers which do no provide full maps but instead only overlays with additional information wich should be displayed on top of existing maps. Wigemo can make these Overlays available for all three Apple Maps and also all Raster Maps. When selecting a map from the list of available Maps, a new "layer" icon will indicate that Overlays are available for the maps and tapping this icon lets you select and activate an overlay on this map.
  • Sharing places from the Yelp App to Wigemo is now supported.
  • Sharing places from the Google Maps App to Wigemo is now supported as well
  • The App for the Apple Watch is now able to show web sites of places without the "warning" that was shown by the watchOS in previous releases.
  • In case many images had to be loaded at the same time, the App is now more smooth.
  • Bugfix: When exchanging the photo of a place, the new photo was not always shown in the pin on the map immediately
  • Bugfix: Exchanging the photo of a place failed if the new photo didn't include geo coordinates
  • Bugfix: The GPS coordinates in EXIF information of photos were interpreted wrong in case the coordinates were not given in the standard conventions (e.g. positive values mean north or east, negative values south or west)

Version 1.3 (April 22nd, 2022)

  • Adds a new "Compass" feature for all places in their menu which will show a big compass which also shows an arrow pointing in the direction of the selected place and the distance and the current speed of travel. It also shows the current coordinates.
  • Adds support for "Plus Codes" when displaying or searching for coordinates.
  • Some additional minor improvements

Version 1.2 (March 28th, 2022)

  • The Export feature supports many new data formats for places: Adresses for Apple Maps, Google Maps and Bing Maps. Also locations can be exported as QR code
  • The Import feature of the App supports some new data types: Adresses for Apple Maps, Google Maps and Bing Maps, also also VCARDs
  • Using the "pen" icon within the places lists it is now possible to sort the places (by name, tag/color, category, distance)
  • In addition you can change the visited status, the tag/color and the category of all the places in the list at once.
  • A new option in the settings allows to configure if the details within the lists and "callout" views for places show the address or the optional user-defined description.
  • The App provides many new categories which can be assigned to the saved places. There's also a new search feature for the categories (scroll to the very top to reveal the search field) to make it more easy to find categories.
  • The search via Apple Maps API (search for POIs) is improved and is able to finds more places. This search is now also available on devices with the older iOS 12.
  • On the Apple Watch it is now possible to show all search results on the map as red pins. These pins can be tapped and inspected and saved easily.

Version 1.1.1 (February 15th, 2022)

  • The description field for a place in the details window is now a multi-line text field, which makes it easier to enter a longer description.
  • The App can now also import google maps, Apple Maps and Bing maps URLs.
  • Improves the Import of various file formats
  • Fixes a bug in the iCloud sync feature where photos which were replaced by others were not always synced to the other devices.

Version 1.1 (February 5th, 2022)

  • Adds support for "geo:" URLs (for sharing, export, and also for launching the App)
  • Adds a new option to have square pins/annotations on the map instead of only round ones (useful for pins with photos where more of the photo can be shown)
  • Adds a new option to show the photo that is assigned to a location in full screen mode
  • Adds an option to configure the maximum size for photos that are imported. Larger photos will be scaled down to save space.
  • Adds a few new export options
  • Fixes a few glitches within the user interface where menus could be too small under certain circumstances
  • Fixes a crash when copying coordinates for locations which are not yet saved
  • Fixes an issue when importing multiple photos at once from within the import feature of the settings

Version 1.0 (February 1st, 2022)

  • First release.