Version 5.0 (May 2022)

  • New calculator mode added which deals with absolute values, integral, fractional, signum, ceiling, floor, truncate, gcd, lcm functions
  • New option in the settings to copy numbers in the country-specific number format to the clipboard
  • The swipe gesture to switch between the calculator modes can be switched off in the settings.
  • The Watch App has received a slightly different design and layout

Version 4.9 (September 2020)

  • Fixes an issue with unreadable buttons under iOS 14

Version 4.8.1 (October 2019)

  • Fixes an issue when copying a binary number with 64 Bit into the clipboard
  • Fixes an issue with unresponsive switches in the settings.

Version 4.8 (October 2019)

  • Adds support for the dark mode of iOS 13
  • Adds support for the large text sizes of the accessibility settings of the system.

Version 4.7 (November 2018)

  • Support for the new iPhone XS, XS Max, Xr added
  • Support for the new iPad Pro 11" and iPad Pro 12,9" added
  • Support for the new Apple Watch 4 added
  • Complications for the Apple Watch added, which can be used to quickly launch the Calculator on the watch

Version 4.6 (November 2017)

  • Support for iPhone X added
  • Adds some missing accessibility labels on the Apple Watch

Version 4.5 (September 2016)

  • The Widget supports the new compact and expanded widget dimensions under iOS 10.

Version 4.2 (June 2016)

  • Fixes an issue with highlighting certain buttons under newer iOS versions.

Version 4.1 (January 2016)

  • Added shortcuts for the AppIcon on the iPhone 6s/6s plus (3D Touch) to quickly open certain calculators directly from the home screen
  • Fixes a small layout issue on the AppleWatch where the bottom row of buttons where difficult to touch (it looked like the "page control" was overlapping the bottom part of these buttons)

Version 4.0 (October 2015)

  • Includes a native App for WatchOS 2 (which doesn't need the phone to run)
  • Supports the "Split screen" mode of iOS 9 on the iPad (on iPad models which support this mode)
  • It is possible to paste numbers from the pasteboard (tap on the "calculator display" to get the copy/paste menu).

Version 3.5 (June 2015)

  • This update includes an App for the Apple Watch. You can do calculations directly on the Apple Watch, so you don't need to pull your iPhone out of the pocket if you want to do some quick calculations.

Version 3.3

  • The "modulo" operation is now also available in Integer/Bit mode
  • A widget for the notification center added (iOS 8 only) so the calculator can be now also used directly with the notification center.
  • A few bugfixes

Version 3.2

  • Adds a new "time" calculator which lets you work with hours, minutes and seconds
  • Fixes a few visual glitches on the iPhone 6 plus.

Version 3.1

  • Update for iOS 7 and the new 64 Bit devices
  • New App name.

Version 3.0

  • Adds support for the new screen dimensions of iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5
  • The keys and the colors are customizable
  • Adds some new calculators
  • All calculators are now avaiable in portrait and landscape orientation.

Version 2.0

  • Adds support for the iPad

Version 1.4.2

  • Bugfix for the "Engineering Notation". For negative exponents the resulting value was correct, but the formatting was not always done with the expected exponent.

Version 1.4

  • Now the output can be also formatted in "Engineering Notation"
  • Smoother rotation to the settings
  • Bugfix: If you've typed in "6 M+ 8 M+", Kalkulilo did first add 6 and then 68 to the memory.

Version 1.3

  • When calculating the quantil the elements were not sorted
  • Calculating the n-th root did not work for negative numbers when n was odd.
  • In binary/integer mode Kalkulilo will now also show the Unicode character of the numbers
  • The in-between results of a longer calculation will be displayed now.
  • The factorial function did show some rounding errors for numbers larger than 12!

Version 1.2

  • The Click sound can be now switched off
  • The factorial function accepted non-integer numbers by accident. Because of this one could assume that the factorial function could be used to calculate the gamma function as well (because Gamma(x) = (x-1)! for positive integer values). This was not the case. The factorial was meant only to accept integer values in Kalkulilo. But now the factorial function can really be used to calculate the Gamma function as well.

Version 1.1

  • If you want to do the same calulation (basic arithmetical operations) on the result over an over again you can do the following now:
    For example you want to multiply the result with 3 over and over again to get the numbers 3, 9, 27, 81, 243, etc. To do this first enter the number and then the operator twice: "3 * *". Then each time you tap the "=" key the result will be multiplied with 3. You can also enter a new number and then tap "=" to multiply this new number with 3. In the display you see the "Op" will show the active operation as "**", "++", "--" or "//" while this feature is active.
  • Bugfix: when calculating the y-root-of-x the x and y values where used in the wrong order.
  • The clicking sound is now softer.
  • Bugfix: In Bit/Integer mode switching between Dec, Hex, Oct and Bin could not be done after tapping on an operator that takes two paramaters without losing this operator from the stack. Switching between Hex, Dec, Oct and Bin before tapping on the operator was not a problem.