Version 1.0.3 (October 25th, 2019)

  • Bugfix: Under iOS 13 the "Settings" App could crash when opening the settings for iCab Kiosk there
  • Supports the dark mode of iOS 13

Version 1.0.2 (November 3rd, 2018)

  • Fixes a Bug in the documentation: The Idle-Timeout parameter is in minutes (floating point values allowed), not seconds
  • A new setting allows to reload the start page when the „idle timer“ fires, even if the start page is already shown. Until now the start page was only loaded if it was not current displayed.

Version 1.0.1 (September 26th, 2018)

  • Includes a workaround for an iOS issue with third-party cookies (pick the "old WebKit API“ in the settings if you encounter issues with third-party cookies)

Version 1.0 (September 4th, 2018)

  • First release.