About iCab Kiosk

iCab Kiosk is a Kiosk browser.
The App runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

A Kiosk is an information terminal often located in a public location (like a museum, exhibition, malls etc.) where people can access certain information. The Kiosk often has a touchscreen which makes it easy for the public to access the provided content. This Apps can turn an iPad into a Kiosk device. Depending of your use case, you may also need a special casing or stand for the iPad, to protect the hardware agains vandalism and theft and which provides the power supply.

The App has the following Features:

  • Online or Offline usage. The provided content can be stored within the App for Offline usage, but can be also loaded directly from the internet.
  • There are privacy options to clear cache, cookies and web storage
  • The Kiosk can be configured either locally directly on the device, but also remotely from a remote server or via MDM. The latter two options make it easy to configure a larger number of devices at once from.
  • Password-protected Settings within the App
  • User Interface elements can be enabled of disabled
  • When the Kiosk is not in use, it can automatically go back to the start page

If you need additional or special features for your own Kiosk, please contact us. We can create custom versions of the App when needed.