What does the name "Legi" mean?
"Legi" is Esperanto and means "to read".
When letting the App read articles aloud, the pronounciation is wrong, if the feed is in another language. How can I fix this?
In general the App will evaluate the language information of a feed, so it can pick a correct voice for the language iof the feed. But not all feeds do include any information about its language, in which case the App uses the default language from the settings. But you can change the language for this feed by tapping on the "(i)" for the entry in the feeds list. This opens the feed-specific settings which includes an option for the language.
Is it possible to open feeds in Lego from within other Apps? Is there a URL scheme for Legi?
Yes, Legi has its own URL schemes: the schemes "legi", "feed" and "rss" can be used. Just replace the "http" of the original URL of a feed by one of these schemes and open the URL and it will open in Legi. For example if the original URL is "http://domain/path" you would use "legi://domain/path" to open the feed in Legi, and if the original URL would be "https://domain/path", use "legis://domain/path" to open it in Legi.