About Legi

Legi is a powerful RSS Feed Reader App.
The App supports iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch.

A RSS Feed reader lets you read blog articles, magazines and news sites much easier and much more comfortable than through a normal web browser. The App lets you subscribe and organize your news feeds, which will then updated fully automatically, so you always have the latest news available within the App. All articles will presented for a comfortable reading experience.

  • Legi provides a standard web view which shows the original web site, but it also has a comfortable reading mode, which removes all the clutter so the full content is presented for the best reading experience without any distractions. Font, font size and colors can be configured so these match your own preferences.
  • An offline mode makes it possible to read all articles even if no internet connection is available.
  • A special feature of Legi is the speech output. This means the App can read all articles aloud, so you do not need to read these yourself. This is useful when driving a car, while doing sports and for many other activities where you can't look on your device all the time. The App features an audio player for the speech output which works similar to the one of a music player App. All remote controls for music (the one from the control center, headphones, or Apple Watch) can be also used to control the Speech output of the App.
  • Configure voice, pitch and speed for the speech output
  • You can also create smart playlists to categorize and organize articles independently of the feeds.
  • Several external services to manage your feeds are supported as well: FeedWrangler, Feed HQ, FeedBlur, FeedBin, BazQux, InoReader, The Old Reader.
  • It is easy to control which data (articles, photos, icons) will be loaded under which conditions (WLAN, mobile internet) and how often. So you have full control over the mobile data usage
  • Important articles can be saved in the Favorites.
  • Export or Import feeds via OPML is supported
  • Using the ShareSheet you can share articles with other Apps